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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turning this House into a Home!

Hello Blogosphere! My name is Mandy and I have decided to join the world of blogging to capture my journey of taking my house and creating a home. Since closing on my first house last summer, I have put love, sweat and yes, some tears into painting, new carpet and fixtures. Now, that the paint brushes are put away, it's time to start having some fun decorating!

I love decorating, but it wasn't until I bought this house that I felt inspired to create a home that showcases my decorating muscle. Now, what I feel inspired to do and what I have the talent to do is two different things. I know I can match colors together, but putting a home together that looks beautifully decorated is another matter. I am challenging myself to create a stunning home, but what is really important to me, whether I find I am the next Martha Stewart or just ordinary Mandy, is when you walk into my home you feel the love that runs through it.

I really wanted to create this blog to share my new house with family and friends that I don't see often enough, but mostly for my my two year old daughter. She is truly the love that runs through our home. This house was because of her and for her. I grew up with polaroid pictures and it's truly exciting that we live in a time where we can now document our lives so up close and personal. Lets start at the very beginning 7/27/2012 closing day.

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